He, Hello there!
Wietske Minou Heinsma.
As an artist, designer and researcher working at the intersection between graphic, fashion, materials and biology.
I create value to experiences through sustainable high-quality minimalistic products that are designed for valuable experience and use.

Originally, I am trained in graphic design at Mediacollege Amsterdam, and completed my graduation in styling. This works as an foundation where I am at the moment, I’m specialising in transhumanism and personal identity. In the long term I see myself exploring physical data-capturing technologies, telling stories that connect with people in visual graphic language, I experiment with design and media that are category defying. As a future lifestyle transformation designer I’m still searching for my place in the creative spectrum universe.

I am a body transformation artist, inspired by culture, driven by insight, connecting science with imagination. I love to see the real and raw in people and connecting work questions with identity. For this I am willing to take risks. I am an opportunist, I want to grab all chances, I’m not afraid to confront my emotions and those of others. I work with great concentration, punctuality, precision and discipline. My inspiration comes from connecting tradition vs. future thinking, looking for inspiration at Asia in means of norms/values in art. My project alway have a sense of adventure and rebellious subject, but still acceptable and clean visualisation.

My personal work journey through research, concept, object and presentation performance constitutes to a field of new design/redesign. By being observing the human life with reflections to aesthetics and sensitivity of target group. I look for the challenges of the simplification of projects and products where you can feel the experienced and emotional connection.