Carrying bodies
denying identities.

  • immerse into subculture
  • human body & gender
  • fashion

I am lucky with my body, for me it is possible to live as a woman without feeling wrong. It is an outdated idea that the sex where we are assigned in is at birth just on the basis of their external sex organs and that so the view by society. With transgender people that is not the case. A popular shorthand phrase for trans people to refer to people who are trapped in the wrong body?

Because of the current media hype of transgender people coming out in commercial public programs. I decided to deep myself in this subject and possible ‘subculture’. But are they a subculture? They say no, the society says yes. They are given the name ‘transgender’ that one feels fitting and the other one does not. That there is load of difference between the transgender community and it is person bound. But they do talk about a community because they look for one another, somebody that understand what they feel. I deepened myself into philosophy and research to be able of understanding the meaning behind the word ‘gender’.

To emphasise the heavy load on the transgender of appearing one way on the outside and feeling another way on the inside. I decided to make a bag where only the torso of different genders are visible (the male, the female, both or and the third for the non binder). I choose for just the torso because of the legal transition rule in the Netherlands. You can legalise your identification documents after severe counseling changing most do that with changing hormones and breast surgery. So with this from waist up you can be another gender, most transgender people don not change their sex organs because the difficulty and risk bonded to the operation. The reason of making the bag from leather was the feeling of skin. All my decisions reflect to true medical and emotional meaning.

So with this I created the concept Carrying bodies, denying identities.