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Sex and food, two basic human rights we are all familiar with. These two basic needs, in most situations do not intertwine, we eat and we make love, so we think. But what is the relation between these two needs? Does what we eat affect the way we make love? Does food play a role in the bedroom?

Eating or having sex trickers the same chemical stimulant. Another way to look at it is that when you eat, you are using many of your senses. You are using taste, but also sight, smell and touch. The pleasures of both, either separate or put together is our main focus put together in a fun, playful yet educational magazine.

The name of the magazine is Dip’n what reverse to all different aspects of this phenomenon. As the magazine is made by a group of girls the magazine got a pro feminist feel. We described the affect of food related to the vagina. The goal is to accomplish awareness and educate. The content existed of online and social research, interviews and photoshoots. Which these three forms I provided theoratical article, a interview and was also the designated person who shaped the entire magazine in both graphic and ilustration. The final product we have launched an official party, since we made two different editions of magazines, one for sale and other official exposition presentation.