• social research
  • identity
  • daily life
  • photography and film
  • wearable

I think understanding your background, yourself mentally and physically can help you create something outstanding for others.

After researching my identity and see what fits the most with the project I decided to make it an interactive play with the interest of the viewer. When viewing this creative functional website you can choose a number, this number lead to a question asked to me during my research from both strangers as relatives.Every question was answered with visualisation in both data of daily life images and 3d objects.

The questions gave insight in various subjects and always related to the person asking. When I received multiple question about my movement disability this became the main chapter.I answered this with an extra visual, a 3d object, by creating two different medical 3D clothing objects where you can wear and feel and experience my movement disability, handicap. There weren’t much design or artist who worked on this matter. So it became one big experiment, every disability is different. It took multiple design to finally understand how my lack of body movement could be placed upon somebody else.

My disability is partly what makes my identity different. Hence, when growing up I learned about my limitations and got interested and inspired with the perception of body, soul and mind. This project is designed to vieuw from different angles, so people can see their own thing and make their own opinion. The final concept is, Fold it yourself where eacht letter has it’s own meaning.
F stands for Find,
0 the eye of Vieuw,
L means Line of
D, Design.
FOLD it yourself

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