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(I’m)Perfect magazine is creatively made and can be brought to the market, but the position thesis of point of view which I occupy is key with emotions coming back into the whole concept. A strong identity and good intentions. Happy in the body in which you live in, and that imperfection creates identity. The effect of this is that I could link it back to myself. With this project being just a materialistic paper the meaning of creating something large rise. You should learn by reading but also see yourself in every picture and article. The issue is also an awareness platform.

This magazine is made to show my graphic design abilities where the photography is a combination of old photo’s from my mother in the 70’s, my own made from photoshoots and professional of Winnie Harlow for which I don’t have the copyright. The essay’s are combination of multiple doctors, philosophers and arranged by me for a specific article.

A magazine needs to have multiple dimensions. Depth in story telling and visuals are important just as important to me as conceptual meaning. Like most publishing magazines I started with a market research and focus on a market segment where growth is to be expected. I have conducted a poll of interest for a new imperium face and properties for main character. The person I choose, Winnie Harlow, a model with skin condition vitiligo. She provides the imagery, tone and content frequency of the magazine.

For the viewer an important learning aspect is about life and acceptance. The magazine is an awareness tool that can grow into multiple issues every time in a new skin.