TT insects.

  • food and future
  • social experiment
  • open design
  • product

“It’s dreadful. I couldn’t try insects like that. It just doesn’t look appealing, If we can change that?!”

A social project for the curious people who have a reason to exist by exploring eating insects. To start eating insects people need a threshold, would people first cook themselves or buy a product? I image we don’t want to see it or touch it ourselves like many other animal products. Here is the gap in the market. A product would help to create a remedy against deviation from eating insect. So if there is a tool for these problems it would create another experience.

The tools and methods are made by observing the daily life of people. And the future thinking methods, what do we need in the next coming years. This is all done to improve current system. In the future the population might reach a great number, this will lead to a food shortage. The idea may be hard to swallow, but insect will likely be part of our sustainable food. Considering that insects already form part of the human diet in many countries, their potential needs to be re-evaluated. In the Western world, consumer acceptability will be determined, in large part, by pricing, perceived environmental benefits, and the development by the catering industry of tasty insect-derived protein products. When making a project out of this is important subject analysing what will be the next trend.

My project has become an 4 steps starters taste-kit for the beginners in the entomophagy. It is not meant for selling but tasting! It shows the importance in that people can become familiar with the sight and taste. This is done by taking away the visible object and when used to the idea and vision to get familiar with the wester obligated fork. Placing it on your finger and using this to the extend of eating it as a snack. I would love to plea for better awareness of sustainability into eatable insects in the Netherlands. The TT, it is the learning quide on how to start eating and appreciating insects.