Where do you stand?

  • instalation
  • motion and sound
  • metal and fabric
  • layers

The community that we share as artists within the academy does not only lie within the physical spectrum of being, but within the metaphysical spectrum of the mind and experience. To be part of a community you have to share common grounds as resources, needs, identity, belief, etc. What connects artists significantly with other artists is the state of mind and the existential moment each artist experiences.

The installation “Where Do You Stand?” is a representation of the existential crisis of an artist, made by a group of four completely different students with al their own strengths and style. We symbolised this emotion with four metal frames placed within space randomly. Giving the viewer a sense of disorientation. Projected onto the frames are visual images that are metaphorically connected to the existential state before, during, and after the crisis. Which connects the emotions of confusion, dread, and anxiety. An important value to this installation is that there is an inside and an outside view of this existential state. Going through the state of existential is crucial for an artist, at this moment the artist questions their authenticity and their freedom.

The starting point is characterised by what has been called the “existential attitude”, or sense of disorientation, confusion, or the face of an apparently absurd world. When working on a project you feel the need to proving others that you relate or can tolerate something new, the phase of inspiration where each artist has to undergo, the question of understanding your work, what you’re creating makes sense within yourself, and to the outside world. Which can also be understood as authentic existence. This generates a lot of pressure and anxiety, because you recognise that you and you alone are responsible for your actions. This produces the two-sided feeling of simultaneous dread and excitement. In the end you see the outcome and feel relieved and proud of your achievement.